Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Outfit of the day:
Suede boots - Thursday Boots
Patchwork denim jacket - Maje
Jeans - Rag&Bone
Bucket bag - Street Level

Everyone knows we often forget about the health of our feet (bloody blisters, pain in metatarsal bones..etc) while chasing fashion and all its new trends, and empyreal sexuality. Having an extensive experience in working with professional models and I know just how messy their legs and feet can actually get. While working backstage in the production team for many prestigious New York fashion shows I actually was the one who administered plasters, like a conveyor belt, and temporary rescued both male and female models' feet before their next catwork. 

It's been few years since that time and it was a strong lesson for me. That's why, when I choose shoes for every day occasions, I particularly look for comfort, construction and quality of materials. This time my choice fell on Thursday Boots. Their philosophy of production completely coincides with mine.
The boots are produced in the best tanneries of the US and Mexico. Plus, these shoes are built to be functional, durable as well as fashionable.

I have chosen Midnight suede navy booties with padded comfort insoles and full glove leather interior lining .... and what will be your choice? :)



  1. Thanks for the share! Really good information here that I'll be passing to my wife and friends.

  2. Boots are one of the hottest fashion accessories and every woman seems to be amassing a collection. However, the boots that looked like works of art at the shoe store don't always work well in your wardrobe. My favorite would always be waterproof boots though!


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