Tuesday, July 18, 2017


My choice:  Estée Lauder
 ✓ Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II  
 ✓Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Masks 

A lot of articles and talks speak on the importance of proper skin care. Finally I've found mine, and putting it on gradually became an everyday routine that makes me happy early each morning.
My magic wand number one is a gel-like ANR serum. It is non-comedogenic and oil-free, which is very important. I have relatively oily skin and it is always a riddle as how to soothe it. ANR serum is lightweight in texture and instantly sinks into the skin without leaving residue. Sometimes I even skip or just forget to apply any cream, because it is so self-sufficient. 
I have never tried foil masks before. However this mask, with a bit of an odd appearance from first sight, really works. It's new repair technology. What I really love about it is that the foil protects the evaporation process, allowing the moisture to penetrate quickly and deeply.
The ingredients from the PowerFoil Mask contains a most impressive blend including antioxidants, mangosteen tree, coneflower, chamomile, magnolia, sea lavender and seaweed, etc.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Year after year, from season after season, we are inevitable thrown into the past. Thus, a French vichy print (or gingham) that came from the 60s became one of the main trends of Spring/Summer 2017. This print a two-color, medium-sized check, with one of the colors that must be white.

Vichy print was invented in the middle of the 19th century in the city of Vichy located to the southeast from Paris. However, it was originally used for the interior design items.

The real vichy print fashion boom happened in 1959. A French actress Brigitte Bardot chose a light pink with this pattern, instead of a traditional long wedding dress.

Nowadays designers experiment with check print clothes adding third color, ruffles, vivid appliques and prints. I prefer classics; that's why, my choice fell on this black-and-white vichy dress from the collection of Eliza J.


Из года в год, из сезона в сезон нас неминуемо бросает в прошлое. Так французская клетка "виши" (или "гингем"), пришедшая из 60-х, стала одним из главных трендов весенне-летнего сезона 2017. Это двухцветная некрупная клетка, один из цветов обязательно белый.

Клетка "виши" была изобретена еще в середине 19 века в городе Виши, что лежит к югу-востоку от Парижа. Однако изначально ее использовали для предметов интерьера.
Настоящий модный бум на эту клетку произошел в 1959 году со свадьбой Брижит Бардо. Вместо традиционного свадебного платья актриса выбрала нежно-розовое платье в клетку, длиной чуть ниже колен.

Сейчас дизайнеры во всю экспериментируют с клеткой, добавляя третей цвет, оборки, яркие аппликации и принты. Я же предпочитаю придерживаться классики, потому мой выбор пал на черно-белое платье из коллекции Eliza J.

Monday, July 03, 2017


Women’s power is in long, voluminous and beautiful hair. As you know from my previous posts I am very picky in terms of choosing beauty tools and care products for hair.

Recently I have been introduced to the OMORFIE, a professional hair style tool from Los Angeles. 
Why professional? Because it is what it is.
I tried the tool for straightening and curling my hair. It did a good job and the results satisfied me and my whimsical heavy hair.
A big advantage is that the styler plates are very smooth and the hair just effortlessly glides between them.
The hair styler cord has a necessary rotating part that prevents the cord from getting twisted up.
When turning on the OMORFIE, the red led starts flashing once the device reaches the setting temperature, which it does in seconds.

Let’s be honest, almost all women are avid for beautiful design. Besides all said the OMORFIE visually looks neat, minimal and very pleasant for touch.

My unique Discount Code for you: KATV

Safety notes:

Socket types: 110V 60Hz or 220V 50HZ
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