Monday, June 23, 2014

What is hidden behind luxurious photo sessions?

Hello my dear readers!

Recently, I was invited to work with a photographer and a stylist at one of the New York fashion companies, assisting with prom gown catalog photo sessions.
I must emphasize that the way to perfect photo shoots is rather long since it requires hard and diligent work. It is art!

I entered one of the huge buildings in the center of Manhattan. The company rented several spacious rooms. In one room there was a fitting room for models, several long racks full of luxurious colorful prom dresses, several shelves with heels and wedges (of various famous brands), a table with a variety of prepared jewelry and two sizable steamers. Another room had a white background studio, several front and back large lights, different digital equipment. The company owner and other members were present and carefully observed the process. The photographer took shots, which immediately appeared at the computer screen where on a company owner sorted them.

The work was in full swing since early morning. All 150 dresses had to be steamed as they were a bit wrinkled. The majority of dresses consists of several layers, which should be ironed one by one. Btw, a steamer is a dangerous monster that burns everyone! 

Together with other stylists I had a special styling kit, which consists of lint roller, safety pins, scissors, fun tak (small adhesive tapes), collar extenders, baby wipes, static guard, pre-threaded sewing kit, shoehorn, makeup cover hood, white gloves and many other small items. 
A great shop, such as Manhattan Wardrobe Supply offers many useful goods for laundry, sewing, shoe care, make up and hair, etc. Especially, I would like you to pay attention to this professional styling apron:

The work was very quick and harmonious. The steamed dresses were given to models judging by color and style. Skin color, eyes, hair and figure defined what dress should be given to one of the three models. It is mutual work between the stylist and the company owner. The models were dressed properly with the dresses clamped at the back or front (it depends on the kind of shots: back or full face). Sizes are different and it often happens that a dress is huge... but clamps create magic! :)

Shoe taping is another tricky thing. Some shoes are bought and some are rented. It is important to keep them in proper conditions in order to be able to return them back to the owners soon after photo sessions. That's why taping is vital as it protects shoe soles.

One by one, the models stood in front of the white background and posed their well-learned movements, while a fan provided a windy effect for their long, healthy hair. 

It is great that the majority of young models are very understandable and friendly. All team members mutually help each other and, despite of the work load, a sense of humor never left the studio.

Tom Ford once said that no one is anything except exhausted and pressured in the fashion world. It is true, but the work looks much easier if you are able to interact effectively and be a good Team Player. I can say that people in fashion industry are one big family. It is just a subjective point of view, but if you think about it, such a world outlook alleviates all intricacies of reality.

Magic clamps

Shoe taping

Dangerous steamer



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